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Wisdom Teeth and Nerve Damage

I had my wisdom tooth removed at age 40. I am now 48 and have some alveolar nerve damage that seems to get worse all of the time. I was told to go to a facial pain clinic and can’t find one. Also I don’t like to take long term meds for these things, is there anything you could recommend? I went off sugar and that helped a little but it seems to continually be getting more painful all of the time, thank you!!

As you know, the alveolar nerve is a sensory nerve that courses through the cheek to the teeth. I assume the damage took place at the time of surgery, and some kind of sensory change was noticed immediately after surgery.

If you did not notice the damage until days or weeks later, there may not have been direct damage, and your current problem may be related to local swelling or scar tissue around the nerve.

If the removal of sugar helped, it means that inflammation is at least part of the problem. You can help that by avoiding other pro-inflammatory triggers:

  • trans fatty acids,
  • caffeine,
  • aspartame,
  • processed foods.

Try a safe anti-inflammatory like MSM, ginger (or its root), curcumen, Boswelia.

Additionally, there is a frequency generator that I use called a Frequency Specific Microcurrent. It has frequencies to reduce inflammation and heal tissue. It also is miraculous with removal of scar tissue. Other energy work like acupuncture and Jin Shin Jyutsu may also help with healing. I would be quite optimistic of your improvement, since removing sugar helped.

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Persistent Coughs: Asthma and Bronchitis

I lived in Xian, China, from July 2001 to August 2002 and breathed coal dust the entire time, contracted pneumonia in December 2001, took Zythromax, and wiped out the good intestinal flora. Two years later I was diagnosed with chronic yeast asthma and yeast bronchitis, was treated by an allergist and a pulmonologist, went on a strict, mainly vegetarian diet with restricted carbs (no more than 18 daily), and in three months was announced asthma and bronchitis free.

A year and a half ago my cough returned. We had a leak below our kitchen sink, had it repaired and replaced wood, but we discovered mold in our heating/cooling vents. We had the vents cleaned and an attic bacteria-destroying light installed that is activated every time the fan comes on. However, I still have the cough and have lost my singing voice. I don’t want to take steroids, so my inhaler sits in the cabinet.

What can I safely do to get rid of this cough and have my energy back? I’m 77 years old, use the treadmill two or three times weekly, weigh 133 pounds, eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruit and small amounts of meat, and am generally healthy otherwise. Yesterday I took my blood pressure at WalMart and it was 81/50 and my pulse was 97. My husband took his blood pressure immediately after, and his was normal. I shopped for ten minutes, took my blood pressure again, and it read 87/50 with a pulse rate of 94. I felt weak, went home, and slept soundly for two hours! What can I do to get rid of this asthma and bronchitis. Thank you!

It sounds like you are doing all the right things-good diet, regular exercise, cleaning vents from mold, bacteria destroying light. Let me mention a few other things, some of which you are probably already doing.

1. If you had yeast asthma, bronchitis, it probably is also in your intestinal tract, so long-term (probably indefinitely) probiotics is important-10 to 30 billion each day.

2. Depending on where you are living in Florida, it is impossible to remove mold from your house. You may want to try NAET to desensitize you to either the mold itself, or the toxins it produces that you may be sensitive to.

3. You may want to try Caprylic acid as a safe long-term anti-yeast/Candida agent. You may even need anti-fungals for several months. Allopathic medicine tends to treat yeast with short term, sometimes even just a few days, anti-fungals.

4. There are frequency generators that have frequencies specific for trachea, bronchi, lung, pharynx tissue that can assist with healing. Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) is the machine I use. There may be a  practitioner that uses it in your area. Dr. Carolyn McMakin has a website that may have a list of practitioners. You can find her site at http://www.frequencyspecific.com/index.htm


Help for Pain, Inflammation and Headaches

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